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Welcome to the Glenrock Trail Alliance. Formed in 2004 and recently incorporated in order to become an all inclusive mountain bike club affiliated with MTBA.

Our ultimate aim is to see a sustainable and enjoyable network of single trail within the park and to advocate for access to the south of the Park. We believe this can only be done through a sustained open working relationship with the NPWS. The GTA also seeks to enhance and support the mountain bike community within Glenrock.

In early October we will put out a rider survey (as we did last year) which will lead into a riders forum. The survey and forum will help drive the identity, focus and culture of the club. At this stage we are looking at holding the forum at the Gun Club Trailhead (date/time to be announced). At the riders forum we will fill the vacant committee positions (details of proposed positions will be posted shortly).

We will also move now to finalise MTBA affiliation following which club membership will be available for $10 (+MTBA membership if the rider decides they want it). We will aim to also make memberships available at the rider forum.

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Upcoming Rides & Dig Days

What no rides!? Sad
Upcoming social/group training rides would normally appear here, but things are a little quiet at the moment and it's empty.

Don't be shy - this is a community site so if you're heading out and would like some company, post your ride.

Next Advocacy/Build Events When
Glenrock Trailwork - Kenny's Sat 11 Oct (09:30)
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